Benefits of Red Raspberry plant

Red raspberry is a plant widely eaten. It is a tasty, plump and sweet fruit indeed and is used in a lot of cakes, food products and cosmetics. The plant of raspberries has several health and other benefits. Very first time, therapeutic uses of the raspberry leaves were described in a book called “A General History of Plants” in 1597. Now-a-days, the raspberries leaves and fruits are used in a number of medicines and pills.

The leaves of the raspberry have a number of advantages. These are used for the treatment of the disorders of the gastrointestinal tract which include swine flu; and many heart problems, vitamin deficiency, fever and diabetes. These leaves are also used to increase urination, bile production and sweating. Women use the leaves for heavy periods, prevention of miscarriage, morning sickness in pregnancy and easing labour pains in delivery. These are also used in skin rashes and sore throat. According to literature, it is also used in the purification of the skin.
The fruit of raspberry is used in jams and other food products. These are used as natural food products as a source of natural flavours in the Europe. The chemicals of red raspberry have antioxidant effects. These have compounds known as raspberry keytones, which help in relaxing the blood vessels and lowering the blood sugar. Sometimes, the keytones are also used as weight losing compounds. Many eager argue on the side effects raspberry keytone has. But scientists comment that the side effects lie in the higher dose of the pills and not in the keytones themselves. The normal recommended dose of the pills is 100 to 300 mg per day only. Some scientists predict that the product is responsible for increasing heart rate and decreasing blood sugar. The fruit is also used in cosmetics and signature cents.

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